Replacement Glass Floor Lamp Shades and Torchiere Shades

Floor lampsFLOOR LAMPMOGUL TORCHIERE SHADES are a staple of interior home decor, offering not only functionality but also making a design statement through the type of lamp selected, the materials used, the positioning of the lamp within the room, even the choice of light bulbs, has an impact on the mood and ambiance of a room.

Floor lamps offer an easy-to-add lighting solution for any space, even if you don’t have much room. They’re easy to move around, too, so you can make any space a little cozier. Floor lamps come in a variety of shapes, mimicking everything from street lamps to trees. Many of the most prized vintage floor lamps have glass shades, though some may project light from within metal shades.

torchiere is one of the most popular and recognizable types of floor lamps.

torchiere (or torchère) is a tall ornamental stand for a candlestick or candelabra or an electric floor lamp giving indirect light typically with a bowl-shaped glass that diffuses the light and directs it upward. Torchiere is from the French word torche, which in English means torch.

The literal meaning is that you would have a tall torch that directs the light straight up but also provides a gentle illumination to the sides. Fortunately, we have electricity and don’t have to settle for open flames in our homes.

Originally, torchieres were candelabra, usually with two or three lights. When it was first introduced in France towards the end of the 17th century the torchère mounted one candle only, and when the number was doubled or tripled the improvement was regarded almost as a revolution in the lighting of large rooms.

Today, torchère lamps use fluorescent or halogen light bulbs.

A torch lamp is good as a general light to increase the light in the room, but is less appropriate to use as a task lamp, for example to read by. Since most of the light shines upwards and outwards, some torchiere lamps will include a downward-facing reading lamp on the end of an adjustable arm. This compensates for the upward light by creating a focused light aimed downwards, making it more suitable over a chair.

A torchiere can be placed almost anywhere in the room but due to its height may be best placed away from foot-traffic and perhaps towards the corner of the room or behind a seating area.

Torchieres are part of a larger group called portables. Portable lamps are lights (or lamps) that can be picked up, moved and plugged in anywhere there is an electrical outlet. In addition to torchieres, both table lamps and floor lamps are also considered portable lamps.

Torchieres are the perfect addition for your living room, den, bedroom and family room.


Should I Use a Floor Lamp or a Torchiere?

Although floor lamps and torchiere’s seem similar in appearance, there are noteworthy differences between the two and assist in different functions for your interior home lighting. Here is some information about each:

Floor Lamp – Floor lamps are habitually used for task lighting, next to a chair or table for reading, sewing, homework or other similar activities. It is meant to amplify visual accuracy and prevent eyestrain while working on important tasks throughout the day.

Table Lamp – Table lamps can be positioned accordingly and often have swing arm options and a head that is multi-directional to help with the aim of light. It has a heavy base and a thinner silhouette than a typical torchiere’s form.

Torchiere – This type of fixture is a similar shape to that of a floor lamp but can often have a thicker silhouette. The main difference between the table lamp and torchiere is the function; a torchiere is used for accent lighting or general lighting instead of task lighting. The light illuminates upward, often shining its light up against the wall to the ceiling.

Use table lamps for direct task lighting; table lamps feature a light that can be directed downward towards the task you need to complete. And use a torchiere in your home for some ambient or soft, glare-free general lighting for entertainment purposes.


The Torchiere lamp glass shades that we carry have a 2-3/4 inch diameter neck that is about 2-3/4 inch long. The 2-3/4 inch neck of the torchiere glass shade fits over a Mogul Base Socket (SO8601), as seen on most older floor lamps. There are no screws that hold the torchiere glass in place. Always hold the torchiere glass shade with two hands when handling the glass shade.

This is a measuring guide for shades that fit this description

If the holder does have screws, most likely it is an IES Glass Lamp Shade. IES Glass Lamp Shades are commonly used as reflectors for cloth lamp shades on floor and

 table lamps.

IES stands for Illuminating Engineering Society. It has been widely used by many lighting manufacturers and is one of the industry standards in photometric data distribution

The cloth lamp shade frame usually has indentations where the shade sits on the glass shade.

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